C. M. Science College, Darbhanga

Department of Chemistry

Teaching Staff

Sr.No.NameDesignationQualificationSpecializationExperienceMobile No.
1Dr. Shree Narayan JhaProfessor & HeadM.Sc., Ph.D.33 Years9934205517
2Dr. Ratan Kumar ChoudharyProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Physical Chemistry33 Years9431050670
3Dr. Yogendra JhaProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Co-ordination Chemistry33 Years9430899025
4Dr. Ajoy MishraProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.9931200751
5Dr. Dilip Kumar ChoudharyProfessor (Elected as MLC)M.Sc., Ph.D.9431219580
6Dr. Ashok Kumar JhaAssociate ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Inorganic Chemistry33 Years9431443835
7Dr. Ashok Kumar KanthAssociate ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Inorganic Chemistry36 Years0
8Dr. Bal Govind ThakurAssociate ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Organic Chemistry33 Years9471087581
9Dr. Sudhindra Nath ThakurAssociate ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Organic Chemistry40 Years9431067127
10Dr. Kameshwar Prasad GuptaAssociate ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Organic Chemistry40 Years9559256342
11Dr. Sanjay Kumar ChoudharyAssociate ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Organic Chemistry22 Years9430283022
12Dr. Kaushal Kishore ThakurRe-designated Demonstrator 9431608275
13Dr. Arun Kumar ChoudharyRe-designated Demonstrator 9430639717
14Dr. Mohan JhaRe-designated Demonstrator 9931752159
15Dr. Shyamal VishwasRe-designated Demonstrator 9431415364

Highlights of the Department

  » Regular Seminars and Group Discussions are held to enhance communication skills.
  » Academic evaluation of students by Terminal examinations.
  » Monitoring of the students experimental skills by assignments.
  » Exposure trips to Industries and Research institutions, places of Botanical interests.
  » Well equipped laboratories with advanced facilities.
  » Active participation in co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
  » Undergraduate Research under college with potential for Excellence and Basic Scientific Research scheme of UGC.
  » Departmental library with recent edition of books and journals for reference.