C. M. Science College, Darbhanga

Intermediate Science

Teaching and Examination is conducted in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Bihar School Examination Board (Senior Secondary), Patna.For this purpose different subject- groups or streams have been allocated as follows: The whole syllabus consists of 500 marks. The main/final examination of class XI is conducted internally by the college. Only those students who are declared "passed" in the Main Examination of class XI (First Year) are registered for studying in and appearing for the Main Examination of class XII(Second Year). The Annual/Main Examination of class XII(Second Year) shall be conducted by the B.S.E.B(S.S),Patna . The details of the syllabus are as follows:

Part I(Language Group)

(a)Language & Literature(LL) Compulsory 100 marks.Candidates have to opt for one language out of three viz. (1) Hindi (2)English (3) Urdu as compulsory language paper consisting of 100 marks.
(b) Apart from the compulsory language paper , candidates have to opt for 50 marks Rashtrabhasa Non Hindi and 50 marks Matribhasha (MB) - any one out of English,(Alternative English),Urdu and Maithili.

Part - II(Optional Subject Group)

Sr.No.SubjectTheory PaperPractical PaperMarks

Any candidate may opt for studying either Biology or Mathematics. In either case, the two optional papers shall compulsorily be Physics and Chemistry.However , a student opting for studying Biology may, if he/she so desires, keep Mathematics as the additional subject.This facility is available only to Biology Studies.


Graduation consists of Three year Honours Degree course. At the end of each part , the University conducts Annual Examination.A cumulative marks sheet,(apart from seprate marks sheet) is issued at the successful completion of the Three Year Degree course.
Candidate desirous of enrollment in the Honours stream are required to apply on the prescribed form available at the college Graduation counter.Short listing of candidates for admission shall be purely on the basis of merit.
A candidate can take admission only in the Honours subject for which he/she has been selected . Separate applications are required to be submitted for different honours subjects. The Honours subjects are as follows:
(1)Physics (2)Chemistry (3)Mathematics (4)Zoology (5)Botany.

Vocational Course

Vocational course is available as Three Year Degree course in Industrial Chemistry.Detailed information is available in separate Information Brochure.
For pursuing a certain Honours subjects, it is compulsory for the candidates to have scored at least 45% marks in the subject at the Intermediate Level.
For Degree Part-I and Degree Part-II subjects is shall be compulsory to opt for two subsidiary subjects and one Language subject.

Degree Part - I

(A) Honours Subjects.

Sr.No.SubjectPaper1 Paper2Practical Paper1Practical Paper2Practical/Viva-voceTotal

(B) Subsidiary Subjects.

Apart from the Honours Subject, a students is required to opt for any two of the following subject:-

1Physics75(Theory)+25(Practical) For students who have passed I.Sc. with Mathematics.

(C) Language

Rashtra Bhasha Hindi - 100 Marks
Rashtra Bhasha Non-Hindi(50 Marks) +Matri Bhasha (Maithili,Urdu,English)(50 Marks)

Degree Part - II

The Honours subjects and marks distribution shall remain the same as prescribed at the Degree Part-I level.Degree Part - II shall consists of Paper-III and Paper-IV. Subsidiary subjects and Language paper (M.B. - 50 Marks) remain the same as the Degree Part-I Level.

Degree Part - III

Subjects requiring practical Examination shall contain three theory papers(Paper V,VI & VII of 100 marks each) and one Practical Examination of 100 marks, thus covering total of 400 marks.A part from the honours paper of 400 marks , there shall be a General Studies paper consisiting of 100 marks.In each part, attaining at least 45% marks(in each Honours paper) separately in theory and in the practical paper is compulsory.In the subsidiary papers , language papers and in the General Studies papers, obtaining 33% is a must for being declared successful.

Post Graduation

The academic duration for Post Graduation is of two year consisting of four semesters.At the end of the each semester and the final year, Examinations are conducted by the University 400 marks are allocated for the theory and practical Examinations for each semester thus cumulative marks at the completion of the Post Graduation course come to a total of 1600 marks.