C. M. Science College, Darbhanga



The National Cadet Corps was established in the college in the year 1949. It became an independent unit (1/8 Coy. N.C.C., Darbhanga) in the year 1954. The unit comes under 8 Bihar Battalion, of the NCC. At the beginning of each session, students are enrolled as NCC Cadets. Training is imparted to students in the in the college campus. Parades are conducted for 10 months each year. After completing 120 parades, students are awarded certificate 'B' in the second year and certificate 'C' in the third year after being found successful in the Respective Examination. The NCC Unit in the college imparts the Cadets a sound mental and physical health apart from training in co-operation, team work, planning and execution, adventure and tenacity to brave extremely challenging situations. Unit and Discipline is the motto of the NCC